Dataset Activity Reports

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Dataset Activity Reports

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The Dataset Activity reports provide storage management and performance information about dataset and HFS file activity.




Allocation Failures

Lists B37, D37 and E37 abends and SMS volume selection failures.

Dataset Activity

Lists various actions against datasets.

DFSMS Dataset Statistics

Dataset level I/O statistics from type 42 subtype 6 records.

VSAM Statistics

Statistics for VSAM datasets from type 64 records.

Non-VSAM Statistics

Statistics for non-VSAM datasets from type 14 and 15 records.

Non-VSAM SMS Information

SMS information for newly allocated datasets from type 14 and 15 records.

Non-VSAM Cumulative Space

Total space allocated to new non-VSAM datasets, by storage group or class and day or hour.

Non-VSAM Space

Space allocated and released by new non-VSAM datasets over time.

z/OS Unix File Activity

Various actions (open, close, delete etc.) against Unix files from type 92 records.

z/OS Unix Filesystem Activity

Various actions (mount, unmount, move, quiesce etc.) against HFS filesystems from type 92 records.