Exporting to Excel

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Exporting to Excel

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Data from tabular reports can be sent directly to Excel 2007 or later if it is installed on your system.


Excel supports a maximum of 1,048,576 rows. Up to 1,048,575 rows of data can be sent to Excel, allowing one row for the column headers.


To export the data, select Edit->Send to Excel from the menu, or click the button in the toolbar.


Selecting the Columns to Export


The currently visible columns will be exported. You can right click on the column headers and choose Show/Hide Columns to change the list of columns displayed, and drag and drop columns to change their order.


Excel Named Ranges


Each column sent to Excel is set up as a named range. This allows you to use Excel formulas such as


in your Excel reports and macros.


Named ranges are also set for All_Data and All_Data_With_Headings so that you can easily refer to the whole range if required.


Working with Excel Sheets and Workbooks


When you export more than one report, by default each report will be sent to a new sheet in the current workbook. This allows you to create Excel reports referring to more than one record section by sending multiple sections to the same workbook.


If you want to start a new workbook, select Edit->Send to Excel->Send to New Workbook from the menu.