Loading SMF Data

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Loading SMF Data

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Before you can view reports, SMF data needs to be loaded into the EasySMF data repository.


Data can be loaded from SMF dump files on z/OS using FTP, or SMF data files that have been previously downloaded to the PC.


The simplest way to load data is to use EasySMF to transfer the data using FTP from z/OS. This ensures that the correct options are used to transfer the data in binary format, with the RDW (Record Descriptor Word) intact.


Load from File allows you to load data that has previously been downloaded to the PC, in various formats.


You can also load data using a command line program, so that loading can be automated in batch files or scripts. Sample batch files are provided for loading files, as well as downloading data using the Windows command line FTP client.


Load via FTP

Load from File

Load Progress

Compressing SMF Data for Transfer

Loading from the Command Line

Loading from a z/OS Batch Job using SSH