Non-VSAM Cumulative Space

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Non-VSAM Cumulative Space

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This report displays the cumulative number of tracks allocated for NEW non-VSAM datasets over time. Depending on the interval selected, allocations are grouped by day or by hour.


Allocations are divided into 3 categories:

Permanent: A permanent dataset is allocated, and no scratch record is found in the reporting interval.

Permanent/Scratched: A permanent dataset is allocated, and a later type 17 scratch record was written for the dataset in the reporting interval. If type 17 records are not available, there will be no datasets in this category.

Temporary: The temporary dataset indicator was set in the type 14/15 record, or the dataset name matched the pattern for a system generated  temporary dataset name.


Type 14 and 15 records include the SMS storage class, but not the storage group. The storage group is obtained by mapping DASD volumes to storage groups using type 74 subtype 1 records. If type 74 records are not available, the information will be grouped by storage class and storage group filtering is not possible.




The report gives an indication of when peaks in allocation activity occurred, and in which storage classes/storage groups. It does not indicate the actual amount of space required, as the totals shown are cumulative. They do not account for space being freed and reused when datasets are scratched.


Report Parameters





The SMF ID of the system that wrote the record.

Storage Class

Filter by storage class. Use - (a single dash) to show entries with no storage class.

Storage Group

Filter by storage group. Use - (a single dash) to show entries with no storage group.

Group by Storage Group

Controls whether the allocations are grouped by Storage Group (by mapping volumes to storage groups using type 74 subtype 1 records), or Storage Class from the type 14/15 records.

Allocations where the storage group cannot be determined from the type 74 records (either the records are not present, or a storage group for the volume is not found) will be grouped by storage class even if this option is selected.


SMF records used for this report













Drill Through


Click on a chart in this report to drill through to the Non-VSAM SMS Information report for that storage class/storage group and time interval.