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These topics describe the various reports available in EasySMF.



System Status

System level events.

Job Completion Reports

Information about jobs that ended during the interval.

Job Completion Summary Reports

Summary information about jobs that ended during the interval.

Job Status Reports

Information about jobs that were active during the interval. The reports use type 30 interval records to display information about jobs that were running, but did not end during the interval.

Step Completion Reports

Information about job steps that completed during the interval.

RMF Processor Activity Reports

CPU usage information from type 70 RMF records.

RMF Device Activity Reports

Device activity information from type 74 RMF records.

RMF Workload Activity Reports

Service class and report class usage reports from type 72 RMF records.

Workload Manager Reports

Information about WLM service classes and policies.

Dataset Activity Reports

Information about actions against datasets and z/OS Unix files.

SMF Record Sections

SMF sections extracted from type 30 and type 70 records. You can browse the data or send the sections to Excel for custom reporting.

Reports by SMF Record Type

A cross reference of reports by SMF record type. Useful if you know the record type that contains the information you want, and want to find a report with that information.