RMF Processor Activity Reports

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RMF Processor Activity Reports

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The RMF Processor activity reports show information about the system CPU usage taken from RMF type 70 records.




System CPU Busy

Shows the MVS view of CPU busy, plus the percentage of time the CPUs were dispatched on that system by PR/SM.

In and Ready Address Spaces

The average number of address spaces that were in and ready on the system. An indication of the contention for CPU time.

4 Hour Rolling Average MSU

The 4 hour rolling average MSU for systems during the interval.

Normalized CPU by CPU Type

CPU usage for the different CPU types (CP, zIIP, zAAP) during the interval, with zIIP and zAAP usage normalized to the equivalent CP values.

Shows the value of the zIIP and zAAP CPUs, in terms of how much general purpose CPU time was saved.

CPU Consumption by LPAR

CPU consumption for LPARs on the same physical machine, for each type of CPU.

LPAR Overhead

LPAR overhead for LPARs on the same physical machine.