Service by Service Class and Service by Report Class

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Service by Service Class and Service by Report Class

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These reports show service by service or report class for completed work from type 30 records. The report shows the total service for work that ended during the time period, so it might not accurately show the usage during the actual time interval. Tasks that were still running at the end will not be reported, and tasks that were running at the start of the period will include service from before the period started.


The information is reported as both a pie chart and a table.




The RMF Service by Service Class or RMF Service by Report Class reports can provide a more accurate view of service during the actual report period.


Report Parameters





The sysplex name.


The SMF ID of the system that wrote the record.


The type of work (from field SMF30WID). JES2, STC, TSO, OMVS etc.

Service/Report Class

Filter by Service or Report Class. Wildcards or regular expressions allow particular classes to be included or excluded.


SMF records used for this report