SMF Record Sections

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SMF Record Sections

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The SMF record sections reports allow you to create your own reports from the data in the SMF records, or simply browse the data.


This function currently supports only a few record types, but more will be added in the future.


There is a report for each section in the supported record types. Information from the record header and relevant other sections is included with the section data to "denormalize" the data so that you can use grouping functions etc. for your reports. Information from other sections is shown with a darker background than the data from the section being reported.


Dates and Times


There are many formats used in SMF data to represent times. Date and time values in the record sections reports are converted and reported in a standard format. The original value from the SMF record is shown, and additional fields are added:


For date values: A Date field, which shows the value converted to a regular date.

For time values: A Time field, which shows a formatted time for readability, and a Seconds field which shows the time converted to seconds. The Seconds value is convenient for arithmetic etc.


Managing Columns


These reports typically have many columns. You can show, hide and rearrange columns to suit your needs.


Right click on the column headers and select Show/Hide Columns to control which columns are visible.

Drag the column headers to change the order of columns.

Right click a column header and select "Pinned" to keep that column fixed at the left hand side of the screen while you scroll left and right.

Select Edit->Columns->Show All Columns from the menu if you want to start with all the columns and hide the ones you don't need.

Select Edit->Columns->Hide All Columns from the menu if you want to hide all the columns and select only the ones you want.

Edit->Columns->Show Default Columns returns to the default list of columns.