Workload Manager Reports

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Workload Manager Reports

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The Workload Manager reports help you understand the work running in the system and what Workload Manager is doing with it.


Reports use data from type 72, type 70 and type 30 records.




Service Class Overview

Overview of all service classes, including periods, goals, importance and activity.

Performance Index

Performance index of service classes, organized by importance. This allows you to quickly find service classes missing goals.

Service Class Detail

Detailed information about a service class. The information includes:



Performance index


Service consumed


Response time

Service by Importance

Service consumed, broken down by importance. CPU busy and 4 hour rolling average MSU are also shown.

This allows you to see the WLM importance of work running at a particular time, and gives an idea of which importance levels contributed to the 4HRA MSU value.

Service Class Job Size

Display cumulative jobs and cumulative service for jobs by job size (total service). This is useful to evaluate whether service class periods are appropriate.