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EasySMF for z/OS

EasySMF produces interactive reports from z/OS SMF data on your PC.

  • Switch between different reports for the same time range, to easily relate information from different SMF records.
  • Zoom into and drill through reports to see more information.
  • Built in FTP client to load SMF data directly from SMF dump datasets.
    Alternatively, load SMF data from PC files, zip files or TSO TRANSMIT format files.
  • Send data from tabular reports directly to Excel 2007 or later.

EasySMF:JE  – A Java API for SMF Data

EasySMF:JE is a Java API for processing SMF data. It can run on z/OS, Windows, Linux and other Java platforms and is zIIP eligible on z/OS.

Experience writing reports for EasySMF has shown what is required to produce a powerful and easy to use API for processing SMF data. We have used this experience to design the API for EasySMF:JE.

  • Classes represent different SMF records and record sections.
  • Methods use a common pattern for reading sections from the records.
  • SMF data is converted to Java data types. Dates and times are converted to java.time classes, so you don’t have to deal with the many different units used in SMF data.

A graphical report in EasySMF

EasySMF Screenshot